Feel energized & laser focused with a crystal clear vision of your goals, by learning how to stop negative thoughts dead in their tracks. Uncover your true potential and create an exciting roadmap to get you there.

Wake up each day feeling free from anxiety and emotional  overwhelm, using simple & effective tools anytime those feelings surface. Finally live with less stress and optimal energy. 

Reclaim your power! Say goodbye to unhealthy behaviors, thoughts & patterns that are in your way, build unstoppable confidence and move through your day free of self judgment or criticism.



Understand & overcome emotional eating. Discover your true strengths with fun & effective workouts. Fuel your mind & body with nutritious foods that reduce anxiety & boost energy.



Get to the nitty gritty of past trauma & finally release old stories and behaviors. Build solid relationships and learn to live with courage, freedom, ease and joy. 



A Head, Heart and Body Breakthrough

Come away with

Clarity, Confidence Creative Solutions

for the rest of your life.

Imagine this...

You wake up feeling energized.

​You choose to not pick up your phone.

Instead, you lay in bed for a few moments of gratitude.

Reflecting on the positive thoughts you fell asleep to, you feel the excitement for life.​

Goodbye to unhealthy behaviors, you move through your day free of self judgment or criticism.


You feel confident, focused, a sense of joy fills you up.

Having a crystal clear vision of your goals, who you are and path to get there.


It feels good, living the life you deserve.

YOU feel good.

This is not an Illusion.

This feeling of love, peace & freedom IS available to you.


It can be your reality every single day.

I am living proof that it is possible. That simple & effective, mind-reset tools to resolve anxiety, clear past patterns, heal trauma and any unhealthy habits can profoundly change your life. It has radically changed mine.

Happiness Is Sometimes Just One Decision Away...


Why I needed a


  • I spent years covering up, hiding, & feeling shame about myself, both inside and out.

  • I honestly felt I didn't fit in. Not at school, at church or at social functions. I was convinced that I wasn't good enough; that I wore the wrong clothes and said the wrong things. Plus it didn't help that I wore my emotions on my sleeve.

  • I felt inadequate, insecure or unworthy. There was no way I would let my true self shine.

  • Over the years, I got really good at becoming an impostor. I covered myself up with qualities that weren't actually mine and instead, I tried to be more like people who seemed to be loved by everyone.

  • I did not speak my mind. I'd say yes hoping to "fit in" when I really wanted to say NO.

  • At the end of the day, I was pooped & angry at everyone...but mostly, I was angry with myself.

  • It was sad, I was sad. I was depressed and my anxiety was getting the best of me. I was genuinely afraid of who I was becoming.

Something needed to shift, I needed to shift,

and not just in a whoo-whoo or on the surface kind of way.


Mindset is the #1 reason why we feel anxious, sad and alone and usually stems from past trauma and limiting beliefs.

Our culture has put so much pressure on "perfection" of social status, looks, racial and religious separation, and material wealth.

We are made to feel "not enough", we are made to feel separate from others.

So we dim our lights to protect ourselves from the pain of feeling inadequate, insecure or unworthy.

This "not worthy" mindset becomes our greatest protector from living a fulfilled life.

It is also our greatest block.

Life Doesn't Have to Be Painful....

You are meant to live with JOY, Abundance, Purpose, Clarity, Fulfillment, 


Life can be beautiful... It should be... Especially when you embrace the undeniable truth that...


A lot can change... FAST...Sometimes all it takes is...

A shift in the way you think, the words you speak and the actions you take.

A shift in the way you feel and the emotions you live in on a daily basis...

A shift in your energy, your mindset,  A shift in the decisions you make...

Sometimes, one shift or one concept can move the needle FOREVER!

What's The Best Way to Guarantee

You Get the Shift You Need? 


Book a place >

Most people don't get to the life they want because of consistency. 

No support system, old neurological pathways keep firing, or fears show up...

So they revert back to their old ways...

Or they might try something that gets them results, and then they hit a plateau shortly afterwards... and they don't really know what to do next... 

My mission in this program is to create an experience of growth, of shifts, and of support regardless of where you're coming from. That you can build off of each tool and create massive change through each lesson and from the work you do in between them and have full support through the private group where you can ask me any questions AND connected with others who are in their Shift experience. 

That's why I created the The Shift Method digital coaching program... so you can have incredible awareness of who you are and what you want and THRIVE in all areas of your life! 

Here's What You Will Learn.... 

  • Why Living Consciously Brings Peace

  • Why you Feel​ Anxiety & Overwhelm

  • ​Neuroscience 101​

  • ​Triggers & Personas

  • ​Fear, Limiting Beliefs

  • Forgiveness​

  • ​Taking Care of Your Physical Bod​​y

  • ​Conscious Connections to You & Others

  • ​Accepting Responsibility

  • ​Reframing

  • ​Habits; the Good, the Bad, the Ugly

  • ​Energy & Science of Meditation

Go ​From Surviving to Thriving

The 30 Day "Practice at Your Own Pace"

Program includes:

18 Video Lessons

  • Step by step content rich videos that guide you through tools and techniques to shift your old patterns, restore your confidence and reclaim your power

  • Interactive Q & A so that you can easily integrate your new mindset, weekly action plans, smart goals into your life

5 Step by Step Workouts


  • Fun & effective, all level workouts designed to tone, burn, stretch and strengthen your beautiful body

  • A 30 day easy to follow workout guide with inspiring affirmations to motivate your daily movement 

  • PLUS: A maximum calorie burning cardio workout 

  • AND: A stretch and cool down

4 Guided Meditations​

  • A variety of mediations to help reduce with stress, anxiety, increase your confidence and energy level and more! 

  • Plus 4 inspirational audio recordings  

  • AND all of your Audio Meditations to download

     and listen anytime,                   anywhere!

Nutrition Guide Packed with insightful Information plus


  • Healthy & easy to prepare recipes that actually taste good

  • insight of foods & good fats that fuel your body

  • how to curb your sugar and what foods can cause anxiety and so much more! 

Lifetime Access

  • With lifetime access, you’ll be free to return and review the material whenever you want.

  • Each time you reread the lessons, you’ll discover something new about yourself and deepen your understanding of who you are and how far you've come! 

Exclusive Community for support and accountability

  • Join an exclusive Facebook group of like minded Shift-makers who are committed their personal growth just like you.

  • Together, as a community we will help motivate & build one another up, supporting dreams and celebrating all the wins! 

Plus get these BONUSES for enrolling Today!

  • My Shift your Mind Meditation E-book: Packed with tools for Anxiety and The Science behind the 9 Regions of Brain balance through Meditation


  • 7 Day Starter Kit: an easy way to set your week up for success and track your progress

  • Your Daily Shift: a simple assessment & scheduling print out to assist you on a daily basis



  • Stress and Anxiety

  • Low Energy & Low self-esteem

  • Negative thoughts

  • Depression

  • Yo-Yo Diets 

  • Not living a full & balanced life




  • Think more positively

  • Have more physical & mental energy

  • Communicate more clearly

  • Live with Confidence

  • Build self-worth & self-esteem 


Here's How... 

 Every single person in this world matters. 


You are powerful, unique and meant to live a successful, calm and joyful life. When you are feeling stressed, anxious and overwhelmed it's nearly impossible to focus on what's important to you.

You end up feeling exhausted, frustrated and often disempowered. Instead of taking action you hand your power over to your anxiety and ultimately not living the life you want.

Through your Shift journey you will experience healing of anxiety and depression, while rejuvenating your mind and body and making peace with the past so you can step into the world with clarity, focus and confidence.


*ZERO RISK: With our 14 Day Money Back Guarantee.

I am committed to serving you. Try it for 14 days, if you’re not happy with this program after going through some of the content you’ve received, ask for a refund. You must show that you gave a reasonable effort and completed some of the course work as outlined in our Terms and Agreement.

It's time to take your power back!

If not NOW, then WHEN?

What others are saying ....


"Amie really helped me explore my edges with honesty"

​Any transformation comes with a bit of discomfort and this Amie was really great at helping me explore my edges with honesty to find and face my fears & lack of confidence. Now I have tools I will continue to use on my journey of breaking through any other personal areas of struggle. This was such a supportive and loving program to help me step back into my power!

Layla N.

"Opened my eyes to the richness of relationships

I had several personal and work goals that I wanted to balance in order to be the best version of myself.  I was not able to achieve these goals on my own as I kept getting in the way. Amie's lessons challenged me to think differently about myself and to let go of past beliefs, patterns, and habits. Through this I am now able to communicate better, to open my eyes to the richness of relationships, and the beauty in this world.

Todd F.

Smiling Business Woman

"You want a balanced life - this is for you!"

I used to be so hard on myself, a constant stream of negative thoughts and assumptions of the worst outcomes plus, comparing myself to others. I would either feel like I wasn’t as good or just didn't fit in. This course has helped me realize my true potential. Now I can identify my self sabotaging thoughts, stop them and prevent my past habitual landslide of actions. The daily meditations really helped relieve my stress & stay on point. 

Eric M

"An eye opener and much needed change in my view on life!"

Through this experience I was able to pinpoint exactly what causes my anxiety. I can now implement useful tools and techniques in my daily life which helps me stay focused and balanced between my job, raising a family, my partner and finding time for myself. I now believe that my deepest desires are attainable, that self-love is crucial and most importantly I know that I am enough. 

Julie M.


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If NOTHING Changes, then NOTHING Changes,

Start Living the Life You Deserve! 

The SHIFT Method 

by    Amie Barsky


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